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Why Choose Leisure Skate?

Leisure Skate are one of the market leaders in catering for all manner of long-term/short-term rink-based events, parties and public-sector functions.

There really is no substitute for quality, Experience and Professionalism…

The principle ethos behind the formation of Leisure Skate was to offer people the experience of skating in an easier, more cost-effective, more environmentally-friendly format than real ice. One of the major advantages of synthetic ice over real ice is that set-up/take-down times are much, much faster with the synthetic option.

Leisure Skate has a tremendous amount of experience in the skating, live event and entertainment industries, having first started by running event arenas, progressing to building real outdoor ice rinks and now supplying and installing synthetic rinks. With over 20 years experience in the ice rink industry there are few who can rival our knowledge of what it takes to help make your event a success! Not only do those who run the company bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the table, but the staff who work alongside them are all carefully selected, tried and trusted until they are able to extend the same levels of care, dedication and service which helps set Leisure Skate apart from its competitors – we recognise that our clients demand that level of care to ensure the smooth running of their event.

We strive to place our high quality synthetic ice rinks in as many places as possible so that as many people as possible get the opportunity to experience the sheer thrill of whizzing round the ice, gaining invaluable exercise and fun at the same time!

Skating is much more than a winter sport

Thanks largely to the affordability of synthetic rinks, skating is now a very popular pastime during summer months too! The rinks can be used for a multitude of events, ranging from: photo shoots, PR promotions, school fete days, end-of-term school celebrations, private parties, family fun days and corporate parties. Our rinks can be located inside or out and have been erected in stately homes, racecourses, garden centres, shopping centres, leisure centres and even half way up a City of London tower block! In April 2014 we even erected a rink on the banks of the River Thames to provide some pastime for the crowds thronging the riverside awaiting the annual Cambridge v Oxford Boat Race – there really is nothing better than a rink to bring a community together!

Rod-Connecting Synthetic Rinks

Leisure Skate are exponents of the Rod-Connecting Synthetic Rink System, designed in such a way to ensure each panel of the rink floor is securely connected to all neighbouring panels. Unlike other connection methods, this provides a rigid structure resulting in a smoother, safer skating surface.

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Get in touch to find out more

We can provide short-term or long-term hire facilities subject to your needs and are considered to be the No 1 suppliers to Lapland UK, based in Tunbridge Wells. We’d be delighted to provide any further information you might require and can also provide references on request. We also hire Curling Rinks and Hockey Rinks for smaller spaces so call us today to find out more on 01775 766 999.

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COVID-19 Ice Rink Measures

  • No worry, no fee postponement if your event is cancelled due to Covid19
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance and exit
  • There will be stickers on floor to encourage social distancing in the queue
  • Skate fitting will take place in smaller, staggered groups
  • The ice rink rails will be sanitized after each group of skaters has finished