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With a Leisure Skate rink, there’s a lot more to do than just skate!

A Leisure Skate synthetic rink is the perfect platform
for a wide range
of fun activities…

Perfect for Ice Skating

A Leisure Skate synthetic ice rink is a huge crowdpuller at any event as they are easy to install and can be used by the whole family. In recent years we have successfully run ice skating events all over the UK and Europe.

We have provided synthetic/artificial ice rinks for exhibitions, product launches, team building events, corporate hospitality, university campuses, conferences, trade fairs, family fun days, Christmas Wonderlands, private and public sector parties, schools, colleges, councils and local education authorities.

There really is no better surface on which to have a whole heap of fun and gain invaluable exercise at the same time than a Leisure Skate synthetic ice rink!

Perfect for Roller Skating

Since the advent of disco-fever in the 1980s, roller-skating discos have remained in vogue – inject life and fun into your event by getting guests up and rolling! Much as with the synthetic ice-skating surfaces installed by Leisure Skate, the roller rink connects together using a rod system which creates the perfect surface on which to skate – smooth and seamless. The barrier system then locks into the side of the rink.

Roller rinks are perfect for all manner of events ranging corporate functions and product launches, local council events, school and university Proms Nights.

Roller skating is an excellent way of combining fun and fitness. A great way to get people to socialise, communicate and get involved while exercising.

Roller-rinks can be installed on any surface including grass. An added attraction to corporate clients is that the barriers can be used for advertising using vinyl graphics. We can produce a DJ booth in the centre of the rink.

Leisure Skate roller rinks can be built to any size or shape to fit the venue or location.
Perfect for Curling

Curling is a sport that, except for the lucky few, is only available to view via your television. At Leisure Skate we have a custom-made curling arena which is fantastic for all events including team building and exhibitions to give your guests the opportunity to try something new.
Perfect for Ice Hockey

The sport of ice hockey is increasingly popular on these shores bit it hasn’t been easy to find a rink to practice on in the UK – until now! With a Leisure Skate Ice Hockey rink we can incorporate the goals into one of our artificial rinks.

With the hockey sticks, pucks and all safety gear provided by us this activity goes down a storm with all ages who enjoy fun, exercise and some good old-fashioned competition. Ice hockey is proven to be an ideal sport for companies seeking to improve teamwork and communication skills among their workforce.

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COVID-19 Ice Rink Measures

  • No worry, no fee postponement if your event is cancelled due to Covid19
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance and exit
  • There will be stickers on floor to encourage social distancing in the queue
  • Skate fitting will take place in smaller, staggered groups
  • The ice rink rails will be sanitized after each group of skaters has finished