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Synthetic Ice Rink Sales

Increasingly Leisure Skate receive enquiries about the sale of synthetic ice rinks. You can find out more information below…

Perfect for Ice Skating

With the explosion of interest in synthetic ice related activities in recent years, Lesiure Skate continues to experience growth in the sale and installation of Synthetic Ice Rink sales with opportunities for suppliers to capitalise on a permanently located skating facility. Entrepreneurs as well as local authorities and developers are now capitalising on the continued rise in interest in ice-related activities – synthetic ice presents a truly viable option to wet ice.

Lesiure Skate rinks are designed to be the absolute alternative to real ice where factors such as location/time and costs are an issue. Our mobile rinks use the very latest technology and offer a truly memorable and authentic ice skating experience in which our rinks can be installed nearly anywhere and used in all weathers throughout the year.

Below are just some of the very real advantages of synthetic ice over real ice:-

  • Guaranteed Skating Throughout the Entire Year
  • Skating Surface That is NOT Weather Dependent
  • Very Low Carbon Footprint
  • Quicker Installation/Disassembly Times Than Real Ice
  • Generally Accepted Safer Skating Surfaces
  • No Need for Rinks to be Re-surfaced
  • No Expensive/Pollutive Generators or Chillers
  • No Huge Fuel or Water Bills
Leisure Skate synthetic ice provides revenue generating business opportunity, with multi-purpose usage of the product creating an ideal resource for alternative activities. Perfect for Ice-Skating, Roller-Skating, Ice Hockey, Speed Skating and Curling.

Installed within a fraction of the time it takes to install real ice, Lesiure Skate’s manufactured ‘ice’ panels are perfect for both Short-Term and Long-Term projects wishing to maximise an ice rink as a permanent feature and visitor attraction. Ice panels are interlocking (using a tongue and groove system), creating a smooth, seamless surface that can be installed on most firm, flat, level areas.

With recommended maintenance and care, Leisure Skate synthetic ice maintains it’s consistent glide factor of approximately 90% for the life of the product. By comparison, real ice rinks start with gliding capabilities at 100%, which reduces to approximately 80% after a few hours. In addition, real ice rinks have to close at regular intervals each day for re-surfacing whilst a synthetic ice rink can remain open 24 hours a day!

Overseas Synthetic Ice Rink Sales

Leisure Skate synthetic ice rinks bring the magic and spectacle of skating, roller-skating, curling and hockey to a worldwide audience and potential client base with equipment which is not not adversely affected by extremes of weather. It therefore is perfect for indoor or outdoor use in every country we can think of across the globe.

The operational temperature range of a Leisure Skate synthetic ice rink and it’s associated equipment ranges from in excess of -40ºC to +40ºC.

A Leisure Skate synthetic ice rink really is the perfect investment – it will not crack, splinter or corrode, is strong, durable and resilient; furthermore it is chemical and water resistant.

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COVID-19 Ice Rink Measures

  • No worry, no fee postponement if your event is cancelled due to Covid19
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance and exit
  • There will be stickers on floor to encourage social distancing in the queue
  • Skate fitting will take place in smaller, staggered groups
  • The ice rink rails will be sanitized after each group of skaters has finished